Driver with Missing Trailer Wheels – Nothing to See Here

Wednesday – 2021.02.10:

As our convoy rolled onto the open lift bridge on I-5 just north of Portland, we came across this determined driver who seemed to have lost his trailer wheels somewhere along his journey!

Someguy104“, a driver for Wrights Trucking, seemed to be aware of the situation but not sure what to do about it or how it happened. Once the bridge lowered, we all continued across the bridge but “Someguy104’s” wheels never did materialize!

“Someguy104” said that while he could still drive the truck, he wasn’t sure he would get full credit for the load once turned in. I advised him that he should at least finish the run and turn the load in to see what happens.

At this point, we took some pictures and bid Mr. “Someguy104” good luck on his run. I’ve gotta say, I’ve never seen this before!


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